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After Bite Xtra Ammonia Treatment

After Bite Xtra Ammonia Treatment

After Bite
{Overview}After Bite is America's leading insect bite and sting treatment. It's effective against a wide variety of bites and stings from mosquitoes, bugs, bees, wasps, jelly fish and nettles, etc.

The active ingredient in After Bite is ammonia (3.5%w/v) to stop the itching and swelling, complimented by baking soda and Tea Tree Oil to soothe and heal. It comes in a vial that is both convenient to carry and easy to use.

Simply rub the pen-like applicator on the affected skin and relax as the itching and swelling disappear - in America they call it the 'Itch Eraser'!

After Bite is a licenced medicine with a proven therapeutic effect and it is different from many similar products because it doesn't contain alcohol which can irriitate the skin after repeated use. In contrast, After Bite can usually be applied frequently without irritation because of the skin soothing properties of the Tea Tree oil and it can be used on most people over the age of two.

After Bite is supplied in a 20g vial.
{Ingredients}Aqua, Ammonia, Sodium bicarbonate, Carbomer, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil).


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